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Among the Fit Company Staff are left to right front row Darrell Tisdale and Phil Smith. Back row left to right are Gary Engelson, Troy Wilkerson, gym owner Roger Arrington, and Laurie Green. Not pictured
are personal trainers Debbie Addison and Omari Adderly.

The Fit Company in Norfolk’s Chelsea District Offers Outstanding Staff With Colorful Proprietor Known By Many As “Chelsea Mayor”

By Jack Armistead
Downtowner Editor

It’s extremely important to work out and stay in the best shape possible in an atmosphere that is beneficial.

The Fit Company in Norfolk’s Chelsea District, across from West Ghent, definitely qualifies as a “beneficial atmosphere” for your workout.

That’s because laughter is the best medicine. Fit Company proprietor Roger Arrington is the laughter master at the Fit Company.

Known to many as the “Mayor of Chelsea,” Arrington has a keen sense of humor and the expertise to keep you in the best shape possible.

He has praise for all of the businesses in Chelsea that have developed in recent years. Chelsea businesses have prospered and the owners have formed their own “Chelsea Business District” with numerous successful businesses. They all know Roger Arrington.

When told of Roger’s statue plans, several were available for comment.

John McCormick, owner of the popular Bakehouse, had this comment:

“Roger is a real man of the people. What people we are not sure.”

John Boggs, an owner of T-West Restaurant, also commented:

“Roger never ceases to amaze most of us in Chelsea. He is out of this world!”

And this from Sean Karn, co-owner of the famous Otzi Tattoo Agency with his wife Athena:

“His Statue is awfully impressive. I give him 100% approval for Mayor of Chelsea.”

Porter Hardy, IV, President of the great Smartmouth Brewing Co. added this:

“Roger is a man of character, AND a character. I am sure the statue will be a specimen and provide a home for pigeons from miles around.”

With world famous clients ranging from Olympic Multiple Gold Medal winner LaShawn Merritt to dedicated senior citizens, the Fit Company gym welcomes all.

“The Fit Company is a real gym with a great atmosphere for our clients to maintain fitness and good health every day of the week,” said Arrington.

Located at 615 Claremont Avenue, the gym is a fortress that signifies strength and stamina. It’s perfect for all ages with a variety of state-of-the-art equipment. It’s an excellent facility for senior citizens to go and maintain good health. Seniors are given a plan so that they can successfully maintain their lifestyles.

The Fit Company’s roster of personal training clients is about 150 with the majority being mothers and grandmothers. The ladies definitely come first at the Fit Company. The gym is family friendly with a comfortable environment.

“Senior citizens not only benefit the most but they need to be fit the most,” said Arrington.

Arrington has 34 years of experience in the fitness business. He has American College of Sports Medicine certification and 14 years as an aerobics instructor. He was assistant head strength conditioning specialist at Old Dominion University and spent three seasons as a trainer with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was a track and field athlete in college. He has a Master of Science Degree in Physical Education from ODU.

With some of the best certified personal trainers in the area the Fit Company has become one of the most popular gyms in Norfolk

Among the veteran trainers at the gym are Laurie Green and her training partner Candace Nordin.

Laurie is a ACSM certified Health Fitness Instructor with a Masters in Exercise Science and a B.S. in Kinesiology from the College of William & Mary; Candace Nordin has a degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of West Florida and is also a Exercise Physiologist at NASA; Debbie Addison, who holds a Master of Science degree in Education with an emphasis in Sports Medicine and 17 years experience in Orthopedic rehab; Phil Smith, who holds a B.S. in Kinesiology and specializes in Functional Fitness, Health Wellness and Sports Performance Management; and Gary Engelson, a NASM certified trainer in strength and conditioning.

New to the staff this year are Darrell Tisdale who has 27 years experience in Group Fitness and is also an instructor in Yoga and Pilates, and Troy Wilkerson a former Norfolk State University track star who specializes in personal training and group fitness. He has eight years of experience and is AFAA certified. He is also a trainer at Norfolk State.

With all the holiday dinners and treats planned during this joyous season, working out should be a high priority for everyone. The new year will also bring new beginnings and a great time to begin a gym membership. ‘Tis the season for everybody to begin an exercise routine.

The Fit Company welcomes all.

Patrons range in age from 18 to 80s. Senior citizens definitely benefit the most. The Centers for Disease Control reports that seniors have more to gain than younger people by becoming more active because they are at higher risk for the health problems that physical activity can prevent.

New clients are now being accepted. Now is the time to call and join the Fit Company! Call (757) 679-8677 to join.

Tell them The Downtowner sent you. See you there!

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