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Co-Chair Patrick W. Moore To Be Back In Action

Ghent Business Association’s 6th Annual Heart Of Ghent 10K Fun Run
And Walk To Be Held Saturday, September 23

By Patrick W. Moore
Heart of Ghent Co-Chair

Wow! Another year has passed and here we are again talking about the Heart of Ghent 10K Fun Run and Walk.

This will be the 6th year that I have been Co- chair of the race with my fellow GBA member, Jim O'Brien, and I can't tell you how fast the time flies. Well actually, I think I can!

Last year at this same time, while training for the race, I was having back problems and went to see a local neuro surgeon to see if he could help. Well, the short story is, he couldn't. But in having the MRI completed and radiologist reading, they discovered what is commonly known as a triple AAA. Try saying this real fast-- "abdominal, aortic aneurism" several times in a row. It's difficult. Imagine hearing it and it applies to you.

After having multiple measuring scans completed over the course of several weeks, it was determined that the growth of the aneurism required surgery and on September 10th, two weeks prior to the race, I entered Sentara Heart Hospital to have the issue corrected. I had no symptoms, or pains that I associated with anything other than normal wear and tear on this aging body. Because of my health team which includes me, my wife Liz, Mark Skees, Gordy Stokes and Dave Waters, along with my insurance carrier and the Sentara organization, I am here and well today.

I couldn't compete in the race last year and thought, for a fleeting moment I might never do anything of the kind again. Back to how time flies. Here we are a year later and I intend to place in my age group on September 23, 2017. I will be walking! Hopefully I will be joined by about a thousand or more other competitors with their own personal goals of time, accomplishment or both.

Since inception, the race has been advertised as an opportunity for a person to improve both lifestyle and physical ability. Whether you walk, jog, run or wheel through a race, hopefully the choice is yours and you have the ability to do it! Exercise of this type is proven to improve one's health for so many issues. Those of us that have experienced a medical challenge appreciate the healing nature of exercise both physically and mentally. The rewards are extensive and measurable.

Some of our sponsors (Running Etc, Fit 36, MettleEvents) have gotten together a team of experts for training, not only for this foot race, but for life. They meet at Running Etc on Tuesdays for formal presentation and follow up with Q & A, direct one on one instruction to develop a training schedule, and proper style and use of equipment (shoes).

If you've never run before or you've had a long break from running, it can feel intimidating to get out there and hit the pavement. But if you get familiar with some basic information about running and follow a beginner's schedule, you’ll be well on your way to starting a new running habit.

Come meet our fitness professionals who can answer all your questions from start to finish.

Running Etc. - RUNNING IS OUR PASSION. IT’S WHAT WE DO BEST and we are very good at what we do. We strive to carry the most technically innovative running shoes, apparel, and accessories available in today's marketplace. Running Etc. is the store to visit for all your running needs.

If you are looking for guidance to find the perfect running shoe to make your feet happy, we offer video/treadmill gait analysis and a comprehensive selection of footwear models, sizes and widths. We have more running apparel than anyone in the region could want or need.

Mark Carrier, Fitness Together- 1 Client. 1 Trainer. 1 Goal.® and Fit 360 ELEVATE YOUR FITNESS. CHANGE THE GAME. Change the game and step up your fitness at FIT36®. If you’re ready to work harder and smarter in just 36 minutes, we have the workout you’ve been craving. Interval training that changes and challenges, all under the professional guidance of our certified trainers.

Mat Littleton, Head Men's Cross Country Coach, Head Men's Track & Field Coach, Virginia Wesleyan College -- Why pay hundreds of dollars for someone to print off a generic training program for you from a book or magazine when we can customize based specically on your goals and experience? Don’t settle for being classifed as a “beginner,” “intermediate” or “advanced.” Come learn how to design your own unique training program and leave the clinic with a completed, customized training program just for you from two college coaches. You will also learn about proper running nutrition, as well as how to fit in cross training, strength training and core work into your program.

The day will feature a fit, festive, charitable family oriented run/walk through the historic and scenic Ghent neighborhood. With its unique blend of fine restaurants, boutiques, cafes, shopping, professional services, and quiet residential neighborhoods, Norfolk's Historic Ghent is an ideal location for this great event returning for its 6th year. This event is a "don't miss" race on the regional running calendar.

Tell them the Downtowner sent you. We’ll see you there.

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